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guitar Techniques

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2 Bar Rhythm Strum

Views: 1822
skill-easy.gif style-acoustic.gif tutor-moses.gif
This could be the lesson that flips your entire perception of guitar playing on its head. The principle alone is enough to get you enthused and the s…[Read More]

Advanced Bends

Views: 1407
skill-medium.gif style-lead.gif tutor-mark.gif
In this great tutorial Mark teaches you some great advanced Bending tricks and tips. It's perfect for learning how to bend strings and take you to a n…[Read More]
In this lesson you will discover the secrets to one of the most notable and recognizable finger picking styles in history. With an emphasis on thumb i…[Read More]
In this technique lesson Paul explains and shows a great finger picking pattern that you can apply to your acoustic guitar playing that will really wo…[Read More]

Advanced Licks

Views: 1338
skill-difficult.gif style-lead.gif tutor-mark.gif
This is another great technique lesson covering some wicked and impressive lead guitar licks and tricks. A perfect lesson for the intermediate player …[Read More]
In this technique lesson Paul explains and shows his unique and astounding knuckle hitting technique which provides great attack and dynamic when play…[Read More]

Advanced Strumming

Views: 2523
skill-difficult.gif style-acoustic.gif tutor-mark.gif
In this great guitar tutorial Mark takes you through step by step some advanced strumming techniques. This is a perfect tutorial for the intermediate …[Read More]
In this lesson you will learn how to alternate the bass note of the chord you are strumming. This will help you develop a good basis for many styles o…[Read More]
In this fascinating technique tutorial Moses demonstrates some of his favorite variations on common chords and also shares a little insight into his p…[Read More]
This lesson has been designed for anyone who can play chords and strum the guitar but wants to start playing the “twiddly bits”. You will learn a …[Read More]